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Rated the most useful and beneficial product for 2006 by the National AWWA

Water Modeling Software

Eliminate the Frustration of Water Distribution Systems Design! Save time, improve communication, and reduce costly errors with the only water design software that will work with your current system or as a “stand alone”.

Haestad Water Solutions from Bentley Systems is a Comprehensive, Unparalleled Solution to meet your needs for designing, modeling and managing your Water systems. From the smallest consulting firm to the largest municipality, Haestad is the software of choice and Archway Systems is your #1 solution provider with over 150 years of combined experience and success in software design, sales and implementation.

  • Eliminates the headache of re-entering information in your existing system. Haestad accepts data from Spreadsheets, GIS, Drawings, Graphics, etc.
  • Customize or create standard reports that comply with government statdards.
  • Feel Confident with Software that is used by nearly 90% of the Engineering News Record (ENR) top 500 firms

Compare the Benefits of Haestad Software products:

  • Windows Standard in all products – minimizing learning of new products
  • Accepts input from spreadsheets, GIS, data bases, etc. so no need to enter data again – saving time, frustration and costly errors
  • Consulting firms can work with multiple CAD software, dramatically increasing your client base.
  • Easy to customize – saving time & energy..
  • Complete line of software for all your water design needs to make buying, support, training and use seamless and simple.
  • Built in, easy to create reports that comply with Government standards.
  • Allows the use of several different tools for analysis so you don’t have to force a solution from the wrong tool.
  • Developed by a software company that doesn’t compete in the consulting world – one reason it is used by 89% of the Engineering News Record (ENR) top 500 firms.
  • Software certified by government and industry – assuring top quality and peace of mind
  • Simple export and import of your network model to capture all your prior work – no redo.
  • “drag and drop” prepackaged libraries of prototypes and standards – eliminating costly design and administrative time
  • Create simple and effective “what if” scenarios of different routes, different sizes, different demands – for quicker, better decisions
  • Includes modules that automatically optimize – potential to save millions of dollars.
  • 27 years of development, 40,000 users, largest R&D staff with the most PHD’s helping to ensure you are getting the best quality software available.